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About the quality inspection of the vibrating plate

Since the vibrating plate is a non-standard machine, the inspection methods are not the same, but the ever-changing is always due to three major points:
First: look at the size. This is mainly for customers who have special requirements on the size, such as the limitation of the space where the vibration disk is placed by the customer, or the position of the machine, or the requirement of the feeding frequency. Relatively speaking, the size of the vibration disk has a corresponding Requirements. Of course, for customers who have requirements, the vibrating plate has been controlled in size since the initial production, but it is necessary to do the dimensional inspection for the customers who have requirements before leaving the factory: the maximum diameter and outlet height of the damp vibration plate have been The exit tangential length, the length of the direct vibration, and so on.
Second: see if it is jammed. Whether the vibrating plate is jammed or not is one of the most important criteria for evaluating the success of the vibrating plate. Anyone who has used the vibrating plate knows that the most troublesome thing is that the vibrating plate is stuck. Generally, the vibrating plate is used semi-automatically. The card can also be dialed by hand, but there are many vibrating plates on one line. Automatic machines, the quality of the vibrating plate has affected the quality of the entire machine. It is not necessary to test the vibration plate for 10 minutes and 20 minutes. After the vibration plate is completely completed, the test machine should be at least three hours or more. Special materials should be properly increased.
Third: When looking at the test machine, do you have materials in different directions? The jargon of the vibrating plate is whether there is a counter material. Needless to say, this is not easy to use, but it still affects the operation of the entire line, so it is equally important. The focus of the test is also to test the time is long enough. The rest is to check whether the appearance of the vibrating plate has a cloak, whether the efficiency can be reached, and so on.

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