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Digital stabilized vibration feeding controller
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Product Details
Digital stabilized vibration feeding controller
Model: SDVC20-L
1. Automatic voltage regulation: Built-in digital voltage regulation function can eliminate the variation of feed speed caused by power supply voltage fluctuation, and can also reduce the beat frequency effect caused by power frequency AC.
2. Slow start: At startup, the output voltage gradually increases from zero to the preset voltage. This feature allows the user to start the vibrator softly, which helps prevent the workpiece from falling and reduces the damage to the vibrating disc caused by the boot by effectively eliminating the impact of each boot.
3. Adjustable slow start: The time of slow start can be accurately set by number
4. Maximum output limit: The maximum output voltage can be set to help the manufacturer to prevent the user from damaging the device by mistake.
5. Remote speed control: The output voltage can be controlled directly by using an external potentiometer, PLC or 1~5V voltage signal.
6. Remote speed selection: Up to 4 preset output voltages can be directly selected by external control signals.
7. Remote switch: This machine has optocoupler isolation signal control switch, which can control the opening and closing of this unit through external switch signal.
8. Overheat protection: When the controller's operating temperature is too high, the output will be stopped to protect the unit.
9. Overcurrent protection: When the operating current of the controller exceeds the rated current, the output will be stopped to protect the equipment from safe and reliable operation.
10. Full stop: The full stop control is realized by the NPN type sensor, and the control functions such as adjustable slow start time, open delay, off delay, and logic direction adjustment are provided.
11. Intelligent photoelectric sensor (IPO sensor): The adaptive intelligent photoelectric photoelectric sensor realizes full or empty stop control, and has control functions such as adjustable slow start time, open delay, off delay, and logic direction adjustment.
12. Dual control signal input: Material empty and material full dual control signal input, and have all control relationships such as logical AND, OR, NAND, XOR.
13. Linear adjustment law: This machine uses a specially optimized program code, so that the output voltage has a linear law. As the adjustment knob turns over the angle, the output voltage increases strictly according to the linear law. Therefore, it has good operability.
14. Digital Control: All parameters are set by numbers
15. Light touch switch: There is a touch button on the panel, which can be started and stopped immediately, which is convenient for users to debug the device.
16. Control output: Through the transistor output control signal, it can be directly used to control the external equipment such as solenoid valve to coordinate with the controller.
Technical Parameters Table : SDVC20-L Technical Data
Project Numerical value Anit Description
Minimum value Maximum
Input voltage 85 440 V  
The output voltage 12 440 V ≦Supply voltage
Voltage adjustment accuracy 1 V
Output current 0 10 A
Output frequency 50/100 Hz Power frequency=50Hz
60/120 Hz Power frequency=60Hz
Maximum power 3800 VA
Output waveform Tangent sine
Delay time range 0 20 s
Delay time accuracy 0.1 s
Slow start time 0.0 10.0 s
Voltage regulation response speed < 0.02 s
Voltage regulation accuracy < 3 V ΔVin=10%
No-load power consumption 1.5 3 W
Overheat protection threshold 62 70
Overcurrent protection threshold 10 A
Auxiliary supply voltage 11 13 V DC
Auxiliary supply current 0 300 mA DC
HMI 4 button + 4 bit LED
Operating temperature -20 60 No condensation
Relative humidity 0 95 %
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